Palworld Breeding Simulator

This website uses the Palworld breeding logic to find the best possible pals that can be obtained from a given initial Pal population.

First enter the Pals that you have caught. This is the initial population that will be bred together to create stronger Pals. You can either use the form at the bottom of the table or drag & dropp the Level.sav file from C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\<Save Directory>\ into this page.

Once you're ready to start the search, click one of the buttons below the table.

When breeding, make sure to add the new Pals which you obtain as you go, even if they're not the intended ones. It's possible that the search algorithm will figure out a more efficient path using those Pals!

Sources for this website (C++) can be downloaded from here. They were meant as throwaway code so they might be a little messy!

NameGenderSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3Skill 4Actions

Advanced Search

Use this form to specify a custom scoring function in JavasScript. The "Score" function should return a number, where higher numbers are better.

This can be used for example to search for specific Pals, skill combinations or pretty much any objective you can come up with.

Clear the textarea and refresh the page to reset to the default scoring function.

Select the skills that you're interested in. Only the selected skills will be available in the skills variable:

WARNING: The algorithm gets significantly slower when more skills are tracked! Try not to exceed 4 skills.